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The Hamburg Ombudsoffice OHA! Amplifier for children and young people's rights is an external advice and complaints office for young people, their guardians and families who are entitled to benefits according to SGB VIII (child and youth welfare).

YOU have the right to free of charge advice. This is set out in Section 9 of SGBVIII.

OHA! Ombudsstelle Hamburg

Our goal is to inform young people and their families about their rights in Hamburg's child and youth welfare services and to support and strengthen them in enforcing their rights. To this end, we inform and advise young people and their families about rights and procedures in child and youth welfare and support those seeking advice in mediating and clarifying conflicts. Our consultations are free and confidential. We work in a professionally independent manner. This means that we provide advice independently and not on behalf of official structures/youth welfare offices.

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What can we help with?

You can contact us if you have any conflicts regarding

• legal guardians,

•Foster parents,

• Specialists in the youth welfare office

• and in child and youth welfare facilities (e.g. residential groups)


if you think that you are entitled to youth welfare and it is not granted to you.

We are not responsible for questions regarding asylum and residence law, family reunification, health issues or school issues.

There is a separate school ombudsoffice.

How does a consultation work with us?


If you contact us, you will reach our specialist office (head office). We will discuss what your concerns are. We also record your data so that we don't forget what it's about and to get an overview of where the problems lie in Hamburg's child and youth welfare services. If you want, you can remain anonymous.

If you have a quick question, we will clarify it immediately. If it is more complicated and takes more time, we will forward your concern to an ombudsperson.



If we forward your concern to an ombudsperson, they will usually get back to you within 5 days. We will then look together at what you can do to solve your problem and how we can support you.

Our ombudspersons work on a voluntary basis. They have a lot of knowledge and experience. They are accompanied and trained by educators from the department.


We primarily work in German. Some colleagues can also speak other languages, but not many.

Let us know in which language you would like to receive advice and we will organize a language mediator.

Your youth welfare office is not in Hamburg?

There are ombudsman advice centers in most federal states. If there is no ombudsman advice center in a region, you can contact an ombudsman office in the neighboring federal state for a short telephone consultation. Depending on the topic, the ombudsman offices can also name other complaint bodies.


All ombudsoffices can be found at this link:

This is how you can reach us

We are not always available. You can find current office hours here

We will write back as quickly as possible.

We will then receive a message and get back to you as quickly as possible.

We ask that you do not contact us regularly to request new information.

We will definitely contact you if something happens.

Did you flee to Germany as a young person without your parents accompanying you?

You have rights in child and youth welfare, which you can dema
nd that they be adhered to.

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, you should be given the same protection as any other child who grows up (temporarily) without their parents.

When you arrive here in Hamburg, you will be taken into care and you will be assigned a guardian who will take responsibility for you.

First of all, this person must submit an application for asylum and an application for educational assistance on your behalf. He*She is also responsible for all other needs and interests (e.g. health, school, leisure, culture, etc.). As quickly as possible, you should be placed in a child and youth welfare facility from your first reception placement.

Places in the initial care and initial care accommodations are scarce, and many young refugees have to wait a long time before they find a place in a residential group. The conditions in the reception centers are often not suitable for children. There are too few official guardians, so many young refugees do not have a guardian who can properly look after them. From our point of view, the rights of young refugees in Hamburg cannot currently be respected.

You can apply for help for young adults yourself from the youth welfare office. As soon as you have submitted the application, the youth welfare office must respond to it.

We have created a simplified application for you, which we can send to the responsible office for you.

Unfortunately, as an ombudsman, we cannot immediately change the currently inadequate care for unaccompanied young refugees. We also cannot take on the tasks of guardians.

We often cannot reach the overloaded contact persons and cannot speed up procedures. Unfortunately, our options are also not sufficient to ensure that all young refugees receive individual advice on rights clarification and information with language mediators.


However, we can forward your concerns to those responsible, provide you with general information about your rights and support contacts, collect your concerns and draw the attention of those responsible and the public in Hamburg to your situation.

Do you already know these advice centers in the area of flight/migration in Hamburg?



Kirchliche Hilfsstelle für Flüchtlinge

Eifflerstraße 3 • D-22769 Hamburg

Tel +49 (0)40 – 432 500-80 • Fax +49 (0)40 – 432 500-75



Flüchtlingszentrum Hamburg

Informations- und Beratungsstelle für Asylsuchende

Adenauerallee 10 • D-20097 Hamburg

Tel +49 (040) - 28 40 79 – 0 • Fax +49 (0)40 – 28 40 79 130



Jugendmigrationsdienst Hamburg

Beratungsstelle für junge Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund

Glockengießerwall 3 • D-20095 Hamburg

Tel +49 (040) – 2111181 – 12 • Fax +49 (0)40 – 2111120


Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg

Nernstweg 32 • D-22765 Hamburg

Tel +49 (040) – 431587


Café Exil

Hammer Str. 10 • D-22041 Hamburg

Tel +49 (040) – 2368216



Für Rechtsanwält*innen:

Refugee Law Clinic:


Pro Asyl“ ( und Vernetzung Flucht und Migration Hamburg (



Die Broschüre „Willkommen in Deutschland“ (2017) gibt viele hilfreiche Tipps zum Ankommen in Deutschland und informiert über Rechte und Verfahren in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe.

Das Heft ist in verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar:









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We don't always do everything well either. If you would like to complain about us, there are several options.


Either you call us directly: 040 / 2984187-0

or write us an email to:

Or you can use our complaint form: Beschwerdeformular

We take every complaint seriously and will get back to you.

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